The Bridgewater Board of Police Commissioners has a critical role as a civilian governing body of Bridgewater Police Service.

Responsibilities of the Police Commission under the Police Act include:

● provide civilian governance on behalf of Council in relation to the enforcement of law, the maintenance of law and the order and prevention of crime in the municipality;

● provide the administrative direction, organization and policy required to maintain an adequate, effective and efficient police department;

● determine, in consultation with the chief officer, priorities, objectives and goals respecting police services in the community;

● ensure the chief officer establishes programs and strategies to implement the priorities, objectives and goals respecting police services;

● ensure that the community needs and values are reflected in policing priorities, objectives, goals, programs and strategies;

● ensure that police services are delivered in a manner consistent with community values, needs and expectations; and

● act as a conduit between the community and the police service providers;

Police Commission Membership
The current Bridgewater Board of Police Commissioners includes:
David Walker-Chair (Citizen Rep)
David Mitchell (Mayor/Ex Officio)
Jennifer McDonald (Councillor)
Virginia Oickle (Citizen Appointee)
Darren Lipsett (Vice Chair (DOJ Appointee)
Fay Patey (Citizen Appointee)
Wayne Thorburne (Councillor)

Contact the Police Commission
To contact the Bridgewater Police Commission please email

Policy & Procedures


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