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Anti-Noise By-Law:

  • Using or operating public address system, phonograph, radio or other mechanical or electrical device which transmits sounds capable of being heard on any street or public place or in any building used wholly or partly as dwelling without license.

Dog By-Law:

  • Owning dog which runs at large
  • Owningfierce or dangerous dog
  • Owning dog which disturbs quiet of neighbourhood by howling, barking or in any other manner.

Fire Protection By-law:

  • No burning shall be carried out within the Town save and except burning that is within a
    stove; furnace; or small fires in a properly constructed barbeque or grill for the purpose of
    cooking food.
  •  Properly constructed barbeque or grill shall consist of a stone, brick or building
    block construction with a chimney or flue including a spark arrester.

Protection from Second-Hand Smoke By-law:

  • Smoking in park on town property or property town is licensed to maintain
  • Smoking in playground on town property
  • Smoking in outdoor recreational facility on town property
  • Smoking on trail or path on town property or property town is licensed to maintain
  • Smoking on street within school area designated under Motor Vehicle Act, when not in enclosed motor vehicle

Skatingboarding By-Law:

  • Operating skateboard on sidewalk, street or other public space

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