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In October of 2015, the MOSAIC network hosted a workshop on hoarding entitled “Hoarding: Building Awareness and Fostering Action”.   The MOSIAC network is a community health network designed to improve partnerships among those who provide care for seniors and older adults with complicated behaviour issues in our communities.  Hoarding has been identified as a complex issue that impacts the lives of older adults and is a growing concern in our communities.  This forum was held for service providers who encounter hoarding behaviors in their work with older adults.  The goals of the forum were to increase awareness of the issues related to hoarding, increase our knowledge of regulatory responses to hoarding, increase awareness of best practices in responding to and supporting people who hoard, and to identify and share resources available in our communities for those working with people who exhibit hoarding behavior.  The workshop was a great success with regional representation spanning from Yarmouth through to Halifax.  The information posted is a synopsis of presentations made by several individuals who participated in the forum.


Hoarding and Fire Safety
Hoarding Best Practices
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