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Fraud Prevention Facebook Post Option 5📣 BE SCAM SMART THIS FRAUD PREVENTION MONTH
March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. Every year, Canadians lose money to fraud. Last year alone, Canadians lost over $275 million compared to $106.6 million lost in 2020 (Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre). You may receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency, but is it really them? Here is how you can tell the difference.

The CRA may contact you to:

  • ask about a tax debt
  • start an audit process
  • offer free tax help for your small business
  • offer support in helping your clients access benefits and credits

The CRA will not:

  • demand payments by Interac e-transfer, bitcoin, prepaid credit cards or gift cards from retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, or others
  • use aggressive language or threaten you with arrest or sending the police
  • leave voicemails that are threatening or give personal or financial information
  • ask for a fee to speak with a contact centre agent

If you’re unsure if the call you’re getting is legitimate, hang up and contact the CRA at 1-800-959-8281.

But keep in mind, scams are not always done through phone calls. You may come across them in text messages, emails, and mailed letters. Protect your personal and financial information by taking a moment to ask yourself if the caller or message is legitimate, before sharing anything.

Learn more about how to protect yourself at Canada.ca/be-scam-smart.

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