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Donald Myler has been located and is safe. Thank you to each member of our community who shared information on this matter.

Donald MYLERFor Immediate Release
Bridgewater Police Service – Media Release
Date: March 25, 2023

Subject: Missing person (FILE #2023-392970)

BRIDGEWATER -- Donald MYLER (72), who suffers from dementia, has been reported missing. He is believed to have left the Shannex facility in Bridgewater and was last seen by staff earlier this evening at approximately 7:30 p.m. Staff did not see him depart.

Myler is described as between 5’5”and 5’6”, balding, and wearing glasses. He may also be wearing a navy blue jacket, pyjama pants, and zippered winter boots.

The public is advised that Myler may be a danger to himself and has made threats of self harm.

If you have any information on this individual’s whereabouts, please immediately contact Bridgewater Police Service at 902-543-2464.

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